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  • Jets DLC

    I have a sugesstion to make non-infantry KOTH somewhat playable after the DLC.

    Remove all the onboard lasers of the jets. They are far too op, make cooperation with a designator unneccesairy and you can kill an aa tank without it even knowing its being attacked. Currently only the buzzard has the onboard laser (i have no idea when it was added) and you can litterally kill a moving mbt without any trouble.

    Also, the view distance for jets could be higher so that the 16km radar atleast somehow makes sense. Only the overall view distance though, not objects because that would make the jets too OP.

    Its kind of problematic that BIS buffs jets to a level at which they are as OP as in reality, but does not buff AA tanks/add anything to counter it.

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    The update is not really a jet buff, when you adjust the loadout of the jets.
    laser and AG missiles will be removed and AA missiles reduced most likely.


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      I dont see a point in removing the laser. Keep in mind that aa has 4 missiles, which are way easier to lock and shoot than a bomb.

      Smoke also blocks bombs right now. To be fair, after the smoke got buffed so hard that it offers full protection from atgms for like 60 seconds, jets should get them back. They wont be able to take it out anyway if it has smoked.

      And i highly doubt that a sane a-10 pilot will shoot atgms at an offroad.