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Laser Designation in KoTH

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  • Laser Designation in KoTH

    I've been playing KoTH and Arma 3 for a few months now, and one thing that I've noticed is that players that take their time to laser designate targets get nothing for their trouble. Often times they have to sit outside the AO in order to have a decent position where they can see potential targets and incoming threats. They contribute to killing many enemy vehicles, yet the most they receive is a pat on the back, and many times they don't even get that. For the past couple of days I've decided to take on this role in order to help my team keep ground and air superiority through many matches. I've been the sole target of snipers, AA, and tanks alike. I spend money to get back into position when things don't go well, and I've received nothing for the trouble, not even XP. And I'm not the only one who experiences this feeling of waste. This makes the laser designator pretty pointless when players don't want to use it because they don't gain anything from it.

    What I'm suggesting is that when a is laser designating player or vehicle is killed/destroyed, a kill assist should be awarded to the player designating. This will make the laser designator more valuable in game than it was previously, and will also reward players for spotting, similar to EA's Battle Field. I hope this is something that can be made a reality in the future.

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    This function exists, it only works for bombs though.


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      It exists and it can even be abused... say your laser designator is lazing a rock and the jet locks on to it... all the jet has to do is switch to any weapon he likes and kill something. Laser dude gets an assist, no matter if he actually aimed at something hostile.