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Please remove long range sniping / killing outside the AO

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  • Please remove long range sniping / killing outside the AO

    I've been playing KOTH for about 2 years and it definitely is my favorite game type in Arma 3 aside from one thing; allowing people who like to sit out 1,000+ outside the AO. OK, listen snipers, sniping isn't that hard and nobody thinks you're cool, especially since you're not even contributing anything to your team by sitting all the way out there. The point is to get inside the AO and kill the other players inside so that you can get your team points by being a body counting towards your score. I'm really not sure why this is even allowed given that it defeats the entire purpose of the "King of the hill" game-type. It's not promoting teamwork at all and it's really obnoxious having to go hunt down a sniper that's being a nuisance. I really wish the developers / admins would really take this seriously, which would be really simple actually; either get rid of the high powered scopes or do something similar to how you don't take damage in base. IDK use your imagination.

    In the server rules under the Camping header the rules state: "The area of engagement is intended to be the target AO. This also applies to friendly factions residing in the spawn area and shooting at range." but constantly see enemies preventing forces from reaching the AO with explosives and the admins don't do anything about this issue.

    This would be a real game changer and make KOTH a lot more fun and tolerable for a ton of people.

    One last thing: if you're going to be putting out an "infantry only" version, please at least take out the Ghosthawk or add in a way to destroy them as it really isn't considered "infantry only" when the trolls start flying them around. I refuse to buy a Ghosthawk to counter a Ghosthawk.