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  • Teambalance/Switching


    first of all, I want to say thank you for this mod and for the last changes, when the teambalance issue got fixed. In my opionion there is still an issue with the balance, even the amount of players in all three teams are equal:
    I would say, that I am a decent high level player (level 236) who prefers to join the losing team without armored vehicles but people tend to join my team. To avoid this, I normally join the round after 10-20 mins when people already bought tanks/jets and stuff. As soon as they get killed, they switch teams and buy a tank or jet again in my team which ends in that nobody or only few people are in the ao but our team has like 10 tanks and 10 jets up. If I switch the team again and kill those people, they also switch team. I dont unterstand this. Some people even to this when the round is close to the end.
    My suggestion is the following: if possible, please lock players to a team after a couple of time (like in wasteland) or after x scorepoints/kills whatever. Maybe it would make sense to raise the cooldown for jets to 20 min and also implement a cooldown for tanks or raise the price by 50-200% for every amored vehicle.

    I would like to know what the community thinks about this?

    (written on mobilephone)

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    Problem is, when you lock people to a team they can also never join the losing team. Imagine if you are kicking ass in a game and then new people join, see in which team you are and join you. Now you can't join another team and are forced to play with them.
    It is a problem, but I don't think that a normal "locked to a team after X time/points does it sadly.
    Raising the price is bad, because it gives an advantage to people with much money. Cooldowns are better in that regard that they are more equal for everyone, but I don't see a problem with someone spamming MBTs or AA tanks, do you?

    All in all, let's brainstorm ideas to prevent people from switching to your team after you killed them. Because many people do this and the game ends like this: One Team with alot of vehicles that kill everything.