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Dynamic Scaling of AO Based on Playercount

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  • Dynamic Scaling of AO Based on Playercount

    I had a thought the other day as I was playing in a server that originally had 90 players, then dropped slowly to 60 players, then dropped to around 30 players.

    In this situation, as the playercount shrinks, the AO stays the same size and KOTH becomes more and more like a cat-and-mouse game. Simply finding people or where the action is can become the challenge in and of itself and I've often seen servers just snowball downward even further making game play worse.

    It would be neat if there was some kind of system that dynamically scaled the size of the AO and shrunk it as the server loses players to focus the action.

    The shrinking could be minor or major, there could be steps every 20 player, 10 players or even every player, there's a ton of ways it could be done. It could be something as simple as a max size AO at 60 or more players, a slightly smaller AO between 30-60 players, and an even smaller AO at less than 30 players. It could look something like these steps:

    Just a thought, it could make lower player count games more interesting.

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    This is a cool idea. I hope this gets added, and that the size doesnt get too small when there are only 30 players