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Bring back Jets to Wasteland!

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  • Bring back Jets to Wasteland!

    I know a lot of people see the thread title and instantly dislike however hear me out here.

    I have played Wasteland for around 2 years now and so saw it when ammo trucks spawned infinite ammo and then they nerfed it and made you re-arm separate weapons with the boxes as well as the addition 10 minute re-spawn counter and I understand why, it's suppose to be a wasteland and the amount of people who towed ammo trucks behind armed vehicles became annoying when they could fire as long as they wanted to. They also did the same with repair trucks and the repair kit spawn as well as the fuel trucks (I believe they use to have infinite fuel) They also took the FLIR off the Darter which to be fair was a bit over powered until you could figure out why they knew where you all where despite and awesome base setup or spot, to counter it its as simple as looking up and hitting it with a couple of rounds which is what my team and countless other teams did.

    With all that being said I believe it was in an effort to stop the spam of weapons considered overpowered such as the case may be when a decent team gets together to get the required supplies which was still a challenge to do in a full server while the nerfs had not been introduced. Now I believe the biggest cause of rage induced swearing and aggravation as well as the "I'm reporting scenario" was having a Hind (with the FABs and S-8 Koms as well as the missiles which were not too bad in my opinion) as well as the jets but mainly the A-10/A-164 as it could carry guided ordnance but that is baring in mind you had an SDV, laser designator, remote designator or Darter drone. With that being said a well organised team of 8 could get the supplies. Now the main reasons of people calling it overpowered was its range that it could drop a bomb from and the damage it could take.

    In my opinion both those reasons are not true as while it is true the jet can take an AA missile from an Igla, Stinger or Titan, it cannot take multiple hits which is a point not many people capitalised on while tackling the issue of jets or even helicopters for that point. I only partially agree with the range argument however only the most well skilled of pilots will be able to stay out of AA range as well as the fact that as computer parts become cheaper many people start to play with longer range settings allowing them to see further, the only argument is some people cannot do that which is fair enough and in that case rely on audio cues from when an aircraft is coming.

    I believe that jets should be reintroduced because as it stood originally only one could spawn on the server and if it were destroyed that was it however it is worth noting this was changed to a 1 hour respawn before being removed sometime later. I also believe that with the changes implemented on "support" vehicles it will be harder to actually get the supplies to run such a machine furthermore I believe that it will enhance the gameplay as I find it thrilling running away from a jet or helicopter and finding cunning ways to hide or shoot them down.

    List of past changes:
    Ammo Truck (Ten minute box respawn as well as individual weapon rearm)
    Repair Truck (Repair kit timer added)
    Fuel Truck (Limited fuel)
    Darter (FLIR removed)
    Jets (Removed)
    Helicopters (Heavily armed helicopter chance of spawn reduced to my knowledge)(Feel free to correct me)

    Discuss but do not be impolite

    Thank you for taking the time to read.

    ---[EDIT]--- I have only had a forum account for a year, was made due to me reporting a hacker when I was a scrub and did not know the ts ip for the server i was on.
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