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  • Complete current server build

    I have played on one HC server on ARMA 2, and we had plenty of good squads. How u know ARMA 2 is now almost dead, admins just ignore everyone so people start playing in some ARMA 3 Breaking Point... Battle Royal etc servers. (Even ur guys is now in TOP of the HC Royal servers.) We found this servers and its the best for team play how we see. But... many people start crying about weapon, vehicles content.
    My suggestion is:
    1. Add some stuff like weapons, attachments, transport, skins from ''2035: Russian Armed Forces'' mod.
    2. Chernarus map HC server.
    So just 2 points. And i guess many people will come here to do some epic squad fights
    And just in case, this servers can be separate like 1944 but this will be 2020 for example. If some people will not like changes and prefer play current build.