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"addon AIA_Core requires addon A3_AIR_F_Gamma_UAV_01" error message

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  • "addon AIA_Core requires addon A3_AIR_F_Gamma_UAV_01" error message

    I have arma 3 installed and the ws launcher.
    In the launcher im only subscribed/downloaded to the WS mods and in the mods drop-down, in settings, its "none".
    The arma 3 path is set correct.

    When selecting a server and starting arma 3 thru the ws launcher i get an error-popup telling me "addon AIA_Core requires addon A3_AIR_F_Gamma_UAV_01".
    Tho it seems pressing OK will make the game start as usual without any problems and connecting to the server without any errors.

    Anyone know why this happens? How to fix it?
    Its kinda annoying and especially as i dont know if it causes any problems further on..

    Im running windows 10.

    EDIT: To clarify, the server im connecting to and starting arma 3 for in ws launcher are wasteland servers, not any AIA servers (or other mod-servers).
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