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You were kicked off the game (Chernarus) - Need help.

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  • You were kicked off the game (Chernarus) - Need help.

    So, I installed Chernarus files, namely RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, WSMaps, WSPatch, WSWeapons. Can someone tell me what I'm missing, what else I need, where I can find it? I tried going to the Launcher site, but it just goes 404 error. I need help, as I really want to try out the Cherno experience, but I'm not able to. Also, additional info, I downloaded the WSmaps, patch, weapons, i think a few months ago, 1-2 months ago. Idk if they're outdated or not, but when I try to join a server, it shows a green dot against these dots, but WSRHS is red. I downloaded the RHS thing from the RHS website and I torrented it. I'm not sure what the error is. When I try joining, it kicks me off the game. What am I missing, where do I get it?

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    The WSRHS files differ from RHS, so it won't work. Run launcher as admin. If it 404's it is likely a firewall error at your end. Run your router in a DMZ for the session.


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      Are you typing it correctly?

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