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Can't get on chernarus servers! PLEASE READ!

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  • Can't get on chernarus servers! PLEASE READ!

    Hi, I am a new guy on these forums but have played the wasteland for a long time. I took a three month break from wasteland and have a following problem:

    I try to connect on Chernarus Wasteland EU #1 or some other chernarus wasteland server it kicks me off and I do not get a message about that, my friend just said that the server log says "bible has disconnected". I had some new downloadable content so I downloaded it before playing. I tried to reinstall the game, the launcher and the mods. Still not working. I subscribed again and when I subscribed first time to the mods, the launcher and the ARMA 3 game from steam started downloading the game, after reinstall the game does not download anything.

    I can play on stratis servers. And yes I am playing trough the WS Launcher. The game lets me download the mission file on the server, then it kicks me.

    If I try to play trough ARMA 3 Launcher, i have to manually find the WS RHS mod to the game, then if I connect it lets trough the mission file downloading and lets me to the map loading screen, but the loading screen does not have "Wasteland theme" just regular ARMA 3.

    I am out of options, I have tried to fix this game for two days.

    Thanks for answers in advance!


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    I have the same issue. Everything is downloaded and should be fine, but whenever i get into the lobby and press ok to load the mission i get kicked for no reason...

    I've looked around the forums and tons of people have the same issue. No admins bother to answer either. IMO the ws launcher is a piece of garbage, first it wouldn't download takistan and now this. It's ridiculous how they require you to use a launcher if they can't even perform simple maintenance on it.