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Profile stats and asset storage for KOTH?

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  • Profile stats and asset storage for KOTH?


    I recently lost my stats, I am curious how exactly the stats assets are stored for KOTH?

    In my particular situation I had write cache flushing disabled on my SSD's and have had a few power outages. On each occasion I lost my entire KOTH profile which has been increasingly frustrating. To some degree I can tell that my ARMA3 profile has been damaged as the game itself acts as if its run for first time afterwards.

    What is interesting, is that if I log into another mod, for example Asylum life... my statistics are all still there (even from 3 years ago!) which indicates that my playerID has not changed, so how exactly is KOTH storing player statistics, and, is it something that you should be, or are reviewing for improvement?

    I did some testing and found various copies of my older ARMA3 profiles and when loading into KOTH with these they all are at various levels and funds... this leads me to believe you are somehow storing profile data client side??

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    The profile data is indeed stored clientside.
    The folder is in your documents folder, with the name arma 3 - other profiles or something along these lines.
    Then just make a copy of the folder that is named like your caracter and put it somewhere as backup.