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Steam Workshop Content problem ever since updating WS Launcher

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  • Steam Workshop Content problem ever since updating WS Launcher

    So I recently came back to Arma to play around on Tanoa. My steam has been acting up for awhile now while trying to download what it calls Workshop Content which I assume has to be something related to the Wasteland or King of the Hill mods, since that's the only thing I do with Arma.

    It sits at something like 99 percent done, appears to be fully downloaded, but never finishes. When it gets to the virtual end, my Steam slows down and essentially crashes, although if I give it enough time it will eventually perform whatever click action I take. This takes usually several minutes. I can pause or remove the workshop content download and Arma works and I can play Wasteland, but the next time I turn on the computer, it tries to download it again and fails.

    This is a real problem. The only solution for this has been for me to delete Arma for the time being while I search for the fix. I have reinstalled it more than once and had no success.

    Any ideas would be very helpful.

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    I had this once, i had to reinstall Steam, and then Verify Arma 3.

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