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PC keeps crashing in ARMA

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  • PC keeps crashing in ARMA


    - Windows 8.1 64bit (6.3, build 9600)
    - i7-3770 @ 3,4 GHz (clocks have never been changed by me, no overclock & underclock).
    - 16 GB of RAM
    - Nvidia GeForce 770 GTX 4GB

    My computer constantly keeps rebooting playing the game. It happens very inconsistently. Sometimes im able to pump in 1 hour into the game before a pc crash happens, sometimes 3 hours. And sometimes just 15 or 20 min.

    What i have done so far:

    - Registery cleanup / repairs
    - Memory check / memtest which came up with : 0 errors
    - Cleaned my pc with compressed air.
    - Monitored my temps for CPU & GPU, both at normal levels at a stable rate. Even right before a crash.
    - Reseated my RAM sticks.
    - Checked if all fans in the pc were running, they are.
    - Boosted gpu fan to 100%
    - Underclocked & overclocked gpu, nothing changes.
    - Ran virus scans
    - Lowered ingame settings
    - Reinstalled the game three times, removed everything Arma related in temp/appdata
    - Opened entire case, put a big ass fan next to it. No changes.

    Notes: It strictly happens with Arma 3, it happened when i played wasteland a month ago & since Koth: 1944 was released. Other games, run fine perfectly (Battlefield 4, The Division, Gta 5, Squad).

    Windows event log at the time of a crash:

    Sorry, its dutch.
    The logs from above the critical ones, might've been from when the pc was booted back up.

    Here is my Arma 3 crashlog.
    (wetransfer link because pastebin has not enough space).

    This is the last line before the game crashes:

    21:42:52 WARNING: SuppressCache::Trace called with huge input. Function exited to prevent program stall inside. tBeg[8456.524414,133.950653,25254.443359]; tEnd[8456.791992,133.991776,25104.443359]; ammoHit(2.700000); distance(150.000000)
    21:42:52 In last 500 miliseconds was lost another 3 these messages.
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