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Main Tower 4 (SOFIA), location is buged! Costum V9+ for hoster Gamed!

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  • Main Tower 4 (SOFIA), location is buged! Costum V9+ for hoster Gamed!

    Hello DEV Team,

    i found a issue in Sofia at main Tower 4. The second one has not the right position.

    It will be smart, if you can fix it.

    I host a Server by gamed!de. Mission Name: Custom_KingOfTheHill_by_Sa-Matra_for_GAMED.Altis

    I add some sreenshots.

    Many Thanks
    bugged Tower 4 (Sofia) bugged Towe 4 (Sofia) 2

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    I don't see anything wrong here, it is exactly like it is on other towns. What do you think is bugged?


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      I believe what Arrehder is trying to report is the huge pillar in the upper left window at the second picture.


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        You can´t use the window top of number "4" and the left one. They are blocket by the pillar. If go to other Towns u can use all windows on all levels of this buildings, but the are blocket!

        A second question: I have owend my own KotH Sever. I talk to the Support Team from my Hoster (Gamed!). I have Problems with start the BEC.
        They told me that BEC dont found the Server and they could do anything. Is it a bug in the Mission file or is it hoster side? They told me that BEC report no error message. Do you have any Idea?

        I hope you can help me!

        Thanks for response!
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          Thanks, also, please ensure you use the correct section in future.

          However we now have a site:

          If you don't mind re-inputting this there that'd be cool.

          Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.


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            This is normal and cannot be fixed, having two towers one on top of another blocks some of the windows.