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Game Crash after team select in new version v9+

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  • Game Crash after team select in new version v9+

    Hello everyone,

    I got a problem with the new version of king of the hill (v9+). Every time I try to join the game (after I selected a team), I get into the loading screen and the game crashes after a few seconds. I do not get this problem on the older version 9 only on the 9+. I attached the log.

    Hope you guys can help me or figure out whats the problem.

    Greets extremgx

    P.S. I had to shorten the report log, since it file size was too big. Therefore I removed redundant messages.

    Attached Files

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    Verify your ArmA 3 with steam looks like you have a pbo corrupt.

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      Okay thanks, I will do that. Weird thing is, that I tried again on the same server an hour later and it worked without me changing anything.
      But I will verify anyways and check if that problems keeps occurring.




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        If you have this problem delete the mission file under:
        C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache\

        It's worked for me several times

        use at your own risk