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Team balance not working - game breaker

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  • Team balance not working - game breaker

    Maybe you won't consider it as a bug.. People can stack in a team in order to gain victory and it is a cancer on infantry only servers. for example on a 120p server, ALL games start with 40/50 players on opfor, 15/20 on others teams, and it takes too long for autobalance to make it fair. There is NO possibility to win if you play blufor or independant. Too many guy are mad thirsty for exp and money, and it ruins the game.

    Please just add something simple to the code : You can't join a team if it has already the most players. It would be so awesome to have fair games in this great mod.

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    Team balance does work, ensure that the server host has it enabled....

    Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.