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Important: Regarding any troubleshooting

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  • Important: Regarding any troubleshooting

    Hello folks,

    From now on we won't answer to issues with KotH/Wasteland on the forums anymore. We will be using our Discord for that , and highly recommend you do too for any troubleshooting with our game modes, or to just keep in touch with admins and creators of KotH. Please click the following link to join us on Discord:

    The majority of the official KotH communities staff team is available for any questions/requests on our Discord, and is always happy to help out on there. Discord offers a whole lot more than this forum does, giving both, us and you, the players, a better experience when it comes to , player reports, ban appeals, KotH/Wasteland development, content ideas, updates, announcements, or just chatter with other players and administrators.

    See you on our Discord,

    Wasteland/KotH Staff