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  • Admin Ban ws57998


    I've been banned from a variety of KOTH servers after playing on extra XP servers. This banned not only my profile, but also my kids' who never played there.
    I would like to request that this ban be lifted because I was not aware that playing extra XP servers was against the rules (or that they would even share the same XP and money!).
    I don't care if my level and money are reset to 0, but the other profiles should not be affected by this.


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    I find it pretty hilarious that you guys blanket ban people for what seems like a big oversight on YOUR part and won't even engage in discussion about it.
    I've played a lot of games, but never one where server hosts ban you for playing other servers unknowingly.
    I guess people will abuse even the smallest amounts of power.


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      We're not handling ban appeals on forums anymore. Please head to our discord for that:
      Furthermore, those people hosting the XP servers stole our mission file. Taking their servers down is not as easy as asking them kindly if they could stop.