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  • Ws62042

    I was banned for playing on x150 server, but your ban doesnt allow me to play on all your wasteland servers, so could you please remove me from all banlists except for KOTH servers, because this has no logic, if its more convenient for you, you probably can reset my level to 0 and remove from all banlists because Im not gonna play at your KOTH servers anymore.Btw I wont go to discord for begging you to let me play at your Wasteland mode servers because I didnt do anything wrong in this gamemode.Thank you in advance!
    Not allowing me to enter on Wasteland after getting banned on KOTH servers, what a funny thing
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    KotH, Wasteland, Exile and Battle Royale use wsbans all for a good reason. Although going through the appeal process via discord would be thousand times faster, I'm willing to walk you through the whole process on the forums.
    To get unbanned you have to delete your profile folders, please do what is being shown in the gif:
    Do not play on any modded exp/money servers again or you will be banned for a longer time without a chance to appeal. Make sure your game is closed when deleting the files in the gif.
    Since you're not interested in playing KotH any longer I guess I'll leave out KotH specific details regarding all this.


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      Hi! I am not in a hurry and I am ready to walk through this process here, so I've followed your instructions and deleted required profile folders.What am I supposed to do next?
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        I just unbanned you. Do not play on servers giving you 10x/100x/nx amount of exp/money than usual or you will be banned again without a chance to appeal


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          Ok, thank you so much for unbanning me!