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Has anyone else noticed the ''missing clothes'' bug? or is it just me.

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  • Has anyone else noticed the ''missing clothes'' bug? or is it just me.

    The missing clothes bug: If you wear a certain uniform for a while, you lose the visuals of the uniform on your character. You see it on yourself and in your inventory, but to everyone else you're naked. For what I've investigated this matter, it seems to connect to the fact that someone else in the server has taken your clothes from somewhere and this shouldn't be even possible.

    EXAMPLE: If you find a geo gache and take a Ghillie suit from there it seems to replicate/dupe the item in to the box so even though you're wearing the ghillie, its still in the box at the same time. And when someone else finds it and puts it on, you'll ''lose'' the ghillie suit, or atleast the visuals to other players, exept yourself. This can also happen with backbags and vests.

    This is a problematic thing especially for solo players, since they don't know if their clothes have dissappeared or not. I play in a group so I get notified as soon as I'm running naked even though im supposed to have a ghillie suit. For solo players this is obviously not the case. They might lie in a bush with their ghillie thinking they are safe, when in reality they are in their white underpants visible to everyone.

    Don't know if this is a Sa-matra only thing, but so far i have only experienced this on SA-servers.

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    Sadly a long time existing, known bug. As you said, in a group it is no problem, you can just let them kill you and be revived, because then you have it again.


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      it's a sa-matra wasteland glitch.