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  • RHS KOTH Sa Matra all about

    Hey dudes

    So Ive been playing PUBG like a lunatic for the last 8 months or so and I missed Arma so I fired it up again last night, God it was good to be back.

    I was looking to see If anything had happened, like Sa Matra dropped a new game or something and I found this RHS thingy.

    I didnt see any posts here about it, I dont think.

    Anyone got any insights for me?

    VX Labs, are these guys competition?

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    No. Its not competition. Its trash which is why no one plays it.

    And why are you posting about this here? You know what it is already by the trailer.


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      Hi there,

      We usually do not discuss "VX" at all. I can say that we do not consider them competition at this time; you can also say that their launch video doesn't really explain much either tbh. Just a copy/pasta of stock footage :think:

      There is a blog post briefly touching on what RHS KOTH is:

      It's basically all new equipment, same principles. We are in no way affiliated with the aforementioned group/mod either.


      Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.


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        Relax Roidrage, It was a question.Learn from Inch's response.

        @ Inch, exactly the information I was looking for. I jumped on it, I didn't realize it was those Code 4 gaming lads, wouldn't have bothered with it If I had of known. Thanks for giving me the heads up on it.

        Still waiting on those T shirts Inch