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koth v9.5 150x community server effecting 1x official save file..

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  • koth v9.5 150x community server effecting 1x official save file..

    Hi, so i was playing on koth servers and saw there was a 150x server i thought well this can't be linked to the official and that it was just all out PVP with fast lvling up and what ever ya know to mess around in and mess with all the gear

    turns out this server effects your official save file as well meaning you get all the exp and what not you got on that troll server now on the official server

    i messed around on a new profile and got to level 20 in 20 minutes with loads of cash (on the community server i thought well my normal profile wouldn't be effected) but turns out it was the exact same profile on the official that i had messed around with

    Surely this isn't okay and will lead to a ban ? hopefully my back up to my official profile works but i dont' think people know that if they play on that server then join a official one they could get banned ?

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    RIP official save file i can't get my normal profile back for some reason my back rars of the documents isn't working now i have a lvl 20 profile with 22 mins play time lol

    rip lvl 40 or so profile lol

    ( edit i had joined a offical server and then disconnected straight away after seeing i was still on the 150x profile) (my best bet would be to start again fresh on the 9.6 servers ? ill just stick to v10 now me thinks
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