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Sincere apologizes to everybody

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  • Sincere apologizes to everybody


    I assume most of you already know the issue between me and Wasteland Staff but i prefer to type it once again from my perspective. It started with a discussion between me and Myzteriouz at teamrevolt discord. He warned me about my attitude. Instead of asking him what i did wrong, i told rude and unnecessary words to him at his own home if i may call. Obviously İ was not welcome there any more. Instead of apealing at forum, i wrote the incident at koth discord which was completely unnecessary for community including myself. Roidrage asked me not to type it there since it was not related, i refused him in a rough manner and it ended in a 15 minutes ban. After that i made it very personnal and started to say very bad words to him. Roidrage and other people did not ban me and asked me to stop but i did not. He definitly did not deserve those at all. Unfortuantly i do not remember all words and names, but i sincerely apologize to Jennifer, Roidrage, Illest, Meme, Myzteriouz and all admins/moderators for what i said and did and entire community to force them to witness it. We are defined by our actions but we can not know people until we witness their entire life. We all got weak points and i lose my control when i am angry. I wish there was a time machine which allows us to go the past. Now all i can do is to apologize and promise you i will not repeat those or other similar actions. We all are here to have fun here and always remember we are talking to people. Even though it is harder at net, we should force ourselves to empathy. Rules are not to be broken but bring peace and order. Even though my ban stays or is lifted those are my sincere ideas and emotions and they will not change.

    Best regards,

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    First of all, thank you for reaching out to us.

    I have chosen to pick this matter up, as I wasn't directly involved and as a result, I am in the best position to not show any bias. Having spent some time speaking to the parties involved and reviewing your history. I have come to the conclusion that you will not be welcome back to our community. The reason for this is whilst people make mistakes, we're not going to permit people to set a precedent by first being rude and outlandish. Then coming back days later with an apology. Let's face it, it isn't your first offence. I have no idea of your age, and I don't wish to assume it either. However, you should behave and treat people with the same of amount of respect that you, yourself, expect in return.

    To summerise, you will remain banned both in our bans system and on Discord. I suggest that you go your own separate way and seriously think about your actions.

    To quote William Horman, "Manners maketh man".

    Thank you,

    Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.


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      You are NOT in position to assume my age. I have witnessed how your admins and staff act against people. You can not even argue without attacking people.
      You are NOT in position to teach me manners. Actually you and your admins have zero respect for players. They admit it. (this is our home and we can do anything we want).
      Most of you lack PR skills. It is even accepted by majority of players and the only reason they obey you is not to be in my position. I had got banned from taskrevolt discord just because
      i asked not to tag me but pm me. Myzterious was litterally inferiour.
      I do not know if you are pathological liars or act like the people you are not on purpose. All i can say is:
      "However, you should behave and treat people with the same of amount of respect that you, yourself, expect in return."
      Good advice take it.
      At the end of the day you are the one who is manipulated by your sense of control and impulse instead of logic and reason. Your soul
      represents the primitive side of human. I have offered renting a server and donating but suddently mysterious said : you got no right to talk to us in this manner just because you pay. Once again he contraticed with himself.
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        This discussion is over, move on. Your forums account has now also been suspended. You've had your chance to appeal in a grown-up mature manner, instead, you resort to creating 25+ Discord accounts...

        Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.