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KOTH - Elaborating the Explosive perk

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  • KOTH - Elaborating the Explosive perk

    I Think it would be nice for players to have explosive tab, and also have the option to choice which explosive they want in their setup instead of just being limited to 1 Satchel Charge.
    The Idea is when the player choices Explosive perk he will have access to the new Explosive tab same place as where the Weapons, scopes, handguns and Lynchers are.
    Their would be for an example: 1 x Satchel Charge, 2 x Explosive charge 2 x Clay more, 2 x Tripwire, Extra 40mm, Etc...
    And when the player/User of the explosive dies the explosive is no longer active, so it won't create build up explosives.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Submit your suggestions over here please:


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      It would be even more awesome if the perk imparted the ability to spot enemy explosives, disarm, collect and reuse.