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    Dear all,

    I'm sure some of you have noticed a-lot of players that think they're able to do what the hell they wish.
    You couldn't be too wrong, this is a minor announcement and or statement from our team that they're not getting away with it as I'm sure some of you have noticed by reviewing the ban appeals.

    I'd like to recap a few things for those trolls and players out there that think rule breaking is acceptable.
    First and foremost; teamkilling.
    Teamkilling is not acceptable, if you think that teamkilling fred to get back at him for teamkilling you is acceptable its not. It then becomes a never ending issue where people teamkill their killers and the killers do the same.
    Then the system auto boots you from playing till server restart then you proceed to complain about it on the forums or in-game, simply put don't do it. Hit that punish button or report them on the forums and leave it at that.
    You may then say "hold on" I do this and nothing happens. You couldn't be more wrong, just because you don't get instant action that very second does not mean our dedicated admin team does not deal with these issues.
    We spend hours every day/evening reviewing server logs checking for teamkillers and then submitting bans which replicate on all servers. Trust us when we say they'll be removed that they are.
    Here are some facts for you, our average player traffic is around 4,000 players per day. We have the facility to handle over 1,000 players concurrently throughout the world. Bans... but what about bans some might be asking.
    So far our ARMA 3 bans alone since Alpha have a count of 2,795, this includes teamkilling, cheats, and rule breakers e.g. people exploiting bugs and duping.

    On the subject of duping, players are being actively removed from live servers for around 14 days without the option of their bans being lifted early. Your comments maybe "well he does it so why the hell shouldn't I" he/she will eventually get banned by our team, yes whilst some of the methods are an ARMA 3 bug it does not mean you exploit it. It damages the game mode, and can impact on you and other players both by being at a disadvantage but also consuming server resources.

    Players whom proceed to break server rules which can be found here: WILL be banned and removed from all servers without notice.
    Hack Menu detection's are also NOT removed, any further threads relating to the automatic bans by our back-end system on each individual servers will be removed. Simply put don't use these applications for the sake of our mission security and your own. They often include nasty surprises with them such as backdoors, keyloggers and other types of trojans.

    I hope this helps clear things up for our community, I welcome all reasonable questions. We'll try our best to answer them.

    Kindest Regards,
    Inch and the Admin team.

    Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.

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    Dear all, I think its about that time again; in the interest of clarity I'd like to provide you with an update.

    I'm not going to start this off by linking people the rules again, the above covers that.

    However what I'm going to do is tell you some statistics.
    Over the past year since Bohemia first released ArmA 3 into Alpha, its been a bumpy road as I'm sure some of our older members could tell you. However we've hung in there overcoming issues such as,

    - Bodies disappearing in the revive system.
    - cursorTarget bugs following an ArmA 3 update which prevented users from accessing things like the gun stores.
    - Miniguns broadcasting to all players resulting in lag.
    - BattlEye kicks for the false GameHack detection (this was nothing to do with WS.ARMA.SU).

    These are but a few obstacles we've overcome as a community; I and the rest of the team here hope we continue to do so in the future.

    That’s enough history, I'd now like to touch on what's to come and what you should expect.
    I'll start with Wasteland; at the moment the whole food and water system is being re-written along with the mechanics behind it, concepts for new missions are being discussed including the execution of them in order to provide you with a varied game-play experience.
    At the moment host applications have been placed on hold for Wasteland as we do not feel any further hosts are required apart from within the EU in select countries.
    Voice abusers, people whom continue to abuse Voice/VON in the next Wasteland update will be auto kicked for repeat offences I'm sure that pleases alot of you. This is exactly the same system which is in King-of-the-Hill.
    These are but a few changes you should expect, the rest I do not wish to spoil for you.
    Following the auto kick for voice in King of the Hill. I'd now like to move onto KotH, when our King of the Hill update was released we were been blown away by the up-take from everyone (thank-you) for supporting us!
    After the ranking system re-write from the legacy version of King of the Hill we proceeded to tweak things like XP and monies gained we now feel this is almost at a balanced state.

    Upcoming KotH changes,
    - The well awaited team balancing
    - Score boards and rank tracking
    - Performance optimisations
    - Teamkill logging
    Plus many more “spoilers” :P
    You’ll also be pleased to know that the issue with in-game FPS dropping to around five has been fixed, almost. Users should see the results of this fix in the next ARMA 3 update.

    I’d like to go into the numbers again…
    Wasteland currently offers 26 servers of 60 slots and above that’s well over 1,500 free slots during peak times we often see 1,000 of those fill.
    King of the Hill this has been particularly successful we have 35 public servers hosted globally that equates to well over 2,100 free slots at any one time we see a minimum of 500 active players and during peak 1,800.

    I know I promised not to go on about rules however there are two main issues that have come to our attention as still plaguing the servers.
    These are,
    - Teamkilling on both mission types.
    - Voice abuse (Wasteland only)

    I’d like to ask our members to report all offenders particularly people who abuse voice and play music in chat this is NOT permitted. Video evidence is preferable.
    Teamkilling for any reason is NOT acceptable I’ve had many a complaint from several users from all regions you WILL be banned without question. You and you alone are responsible for your actions we’re not here to babysit our community’s actions 24/7 just because someone teamkilled you, there is no need to go back in a fit of rage and kill them back (it’s a never ending circle).
    As such people with a minimum of two or more punished teamkills will receive upto and above a two to thirty day ban.

    Teamkilling has been rife on a few of the popular servers such as UK#1 and as such these people just from yesterday have been banned.

    Thank-you for your time! I hope the below proves to you that people do not go unpunished!

    Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.


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      Dear Public,

      I’d like to give you an update on the progression of King of the Hill. As I’m sure you agree one is needed.
      First of all let me apologise to you for the lack of clarity recently, I personally have been very busy. Our development team albeit small has also been busy working toward our main goal and that is, of course, a database!
      Next, of-course “Make ArmA Not War” myself and the rest of our team wish to thank-you all for your continued support and commitment that you’ve all shown us, which we believe contributed to our success ultimately winning “Make ArmA Not War”.
      If you wish to read an interview with myself and the team, from Make ArmA Not War, you can do so here:

      The next big question I’m sure you’re all asking, what the hell have you done or doing with your reward money?
      I’ll attempt to provide you with some information on this within reason. This was divided with our team members keeping it brief:
      - Some was allocated as “reinvestment” into more hardware for more servers!
      - Some filled a black hole that hosting and development in ArmA 3 leads to as I’m sure many Server hosts can relate to.
      - Sa-Matra is getting a new PC! Hes’ been running on a very old machine for some time now.

      Respectfully, I’ve not gone into further details as this is slightly private however as per the aforementioned. We are definitely reinvesting it; please don’t forget that we’re a small team and that development can be slow. After all we have more than one mission.

      Onwards… time to address some of the more frequent comments. I don’t really like to call these complaints as a lot of them have been justified and I understand your frustration.
      First the big one… stats, ranks etc. We've been aware for some time now that these have been a real issue. Be it from, PC reformats, Arma 3 glitches, and so on and so forth. As I previously mentioned, a database is coming, following this a wipe will also ensue. You might be thinking “what the hell” I’ve spent thousands of hours getting to where I am. As I'm sure some of you have unfortunately lost… your ranks. .
      In response to this my reply would be, once we've launched the database and worked out all of the bugs that I'm sure will ensue this should (hopefully) never happen again.
      We’ll also be able to show you detailed statistics such as kill to death ratio, longest shots, leader boards you name it... ArmA 3 of-course permitting.
      Bugs, balance issues and general annoyances, our team recently got together, and reviewed the biggest issues. Which we believed were Team Balance, end game rewards, and things like “object rewards” XP rewarded for kills, assists, or heli drops.
      We've already fixed Team Balance in development (not public). We’re now working actively on database integration.
      XP reward systems and pricing of equipment probably can be adjusted on the fly within the database as and when we track trends or if you will “meta gaming”.
      FPS… the big one… we’ve tested removing client side scripts, to test whether or not this was actually our fault, I’m pleased to say it isn’t. When testing in a 100 player server we only gained 2 fps extra when disabling client side events. This seems to be some engine limitation when several player entities, vehicles, and other objects are all in the same location…
      Now onto some database related questions, we’ve been testing global database replication on a small scale and four servers with up to 64GB RAM and 32 cores. We believe we’ve got the replication part down our Network engineer Myzteriouz has been busy tweaking and pushing changes globally.
      We will not be permitting “private hives” at all. Sorry. We also don’t see any release of our code in the form of an “open-source”. Why? Unfortunately there is a distinct lack of credit and attribution within the ArmA community people just help themselves, regardless of the blood, sweat and tears put into the development on particular mission or mod objects. Releasing code also has another negative impact, scripters, and people wishing or seeking to exploit code in missions. To be completely honest, there are a few talented scripters out there that I do respect, however, I don’t agree with their cavalier approach to destroying (you) the publics’ fun because of this we again will not be releasing our source to the public.
      Almost forgot… expected ETA! We actually don’t like giving ETAs, we often go over them and people shout at us.

      Next up Wasteland/Launcher I’ll keep it brief!

      It’s actually been a quite an eventful year for Wasteland as I’m sure you agree with our decision to release a fully modded version. That of-course was the addition of new Maps and Weapons specifically Chernarus, Esseker, HLC, and RHS.
      We wish to thank each respective developer greatly without their commitment to bringing quality content to the ArmA community none of the above would be possible.
      Now for some clarity, relating to our Launcher, which we believe was one of the first steps forward in our mod progression.
      During our first months, it was a rather bumpy ride, we were delivering complete zip archives to players for downloads. Which admittedly was an oversight, we underestimated the inherent instability of peoples’ connection. Especially over greater distances, hind sight is a wonderful thing.
      Numbers, over the past six months, we’ve delivered over 810.299 TB to over 317,115 users. That resulted in over 177,454,223 server requests… be it for checking the installation of current files, or installing updates or changes.
      All of this wouldn’t have been achieved without our Launcher Development team so thank-you Cortez, Pwnoz0r, Vapid, Myzteriouz and I.

      Finally, regarding future development, we have a lot more changes on the horizon even a possible rebranding… more on that sometime in the future. As we’re currently working with the ArmA 3 development team on the implementation of new features and improvements to the game which will benefit us greatly.

      Be sure to check out our Social Media:

      I hope I’ve addressed some of the larger concerns from everyone. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the forums.

      I think that’s everything, forgive me if I’ve forgotten something.

      Kindest Regards,

      Please do not message me regarding ban appeals, all appeals are generally dealt with within 12 hours.