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    Want to report mr Sharp, the man its all time kill people respawning with jet or tank it all time the same if you stay one hour in server you see all time mr sharp kil mr sharp kill mr sharl kill, ok i tell that in chat and i bann, ok is not a problem, but i want ban sharp , the people like that man destroy the fun for all people, i think my ban is really fast only for say in chat that is forbbiden to kill people all time in respawn but i think that guy its no bann.

    i wait some day for your answer its the tree ticket i put and no answer, i think the server protect mr sharp and if i verifi that i put in all forums of games i know here protect the trolls and bann the people who say the really, its the best way if you want a trolls server only for litle people who want give deads and points to people who dont know how to play.

    im really sorry for my english, have a nice day