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Player report, possible wallhacking/pbo manipulation

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  • Player report, possible wallhacking/pbo manipulation

    Gonna keep it short, the guy in question, Dimonix, along with his boyfriend СМЕРШ are topping the kills right now. They've been on the server for a few days now and have been doing pretty well for themselves in every shootout.

    This is just one recording with fairly concrete evidence that we managed to get. He already killed two of us before that and perfectly avoided us from surrounding him after we gave chase, he retreated to the coast and landed several pretty impressive shots in a row, tubed a guy behind a building with little to no way to know he was there and then shot a person through a wall. The player himself in the recording is from the UK so while I can understand latency could play an issue there's currently no yellow/red desync chain and his latency should be less than 100ms. Also I'm not sure how plausible it is shooting through a wall with small arms.

    edit: clarifying it's on RU#2 Chernarus Wasteland v34
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