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I can not enter the server :(

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  • I can not enter the server :(

    I played with my friend in arma3. When the round ended on one server, we went to another king of the hill and bought a vehicle there. We had no contact with anyone. We did not troll or anything. After 4 minutes on the server I was thrown out without giving a reason ... Now I can not enter any other server Sometimes I get this message: You have been kicked out of the game. (BattlEye: Admin Ban (ws53529))
    I do not know the IP of this server or even the name to write to them because it was a randomly selected server. I thought I was thrown out because I was on a slot reserved for VIP but I do not think that's the point. I wrote to BattlEye in this case but their program did not detect cheats and they can not help me ...
    I will add that I always play with kindness and help other players. I have been riding this level for a long time and I always play without any additions. I sometimes use TeamSpeak3, but it is not forbidden. My ban is probably an accident, an administrator error. Maybe he wanted to ban someone else, there were over a hundred people on the server. Please help, because I do not want to lose the game; (I am honest and legally bought a game a long time ago, never cheat, honestly I do not even know how to do it. Please help me

    I do not know if this is the right department if I'm not sorry.

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    You were banned for playing on servers offering multiplied amounts of money and/or exp. Playing on these servers is not allowed and will result in a ban. If you want your ban lifted please join our discord: