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Problem with joining a unlegit server

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  • Problem with joining a unlegit server

    Hello Server-Team,

    First i have to apologize for my bad english.
    Before ~ 15 Minutes i joined a "10x Server" and i asked if this server is legit.
    They telled me "no its not, its possibile that you will be banned" or something like this, i decided to say "ok thx i will leave the server".
    After that he sayed that im already marked as a cheater.

    I leaved the Server now i dont will join a official server, if im not sure if i get banned or something like this.

    In this time i maked 9.000 dollars and 9.000 xp if you want you can delete me this xp and money but its not so much that it will be worth.

    proof: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.n...CAA400C848844/
    first join:

    im sorry
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    Its very likely that you already got banned. If that is the case join and see if you can get your ban appealed.


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      thank you, im now banned since 2 hours, i will contact the support i hope i didnt lose my items, because i joined a server for 2 minutes :/
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        *deleted* the discord support helps me
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