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Evil Games, killing just out of spawn.

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  • Evil Games, killing just out of spawn.

    Was told i could upload my proof on your forums, and that admin actions will be taken later on.

    Was playing on the 105 slots server, just got out of the spawn area, where u can get killed 50% towards the AO, but evil games decided to gun/bomb run me 3 times, witch resultet in my death, sadly no admin online at that moment, so therefor i upload the evidence here.

    As u can see on the minimap im just outside the spawn area, and if u check the chatbox, u can see the message evil games killed (TCG) ChemicalHamster.

    Best Regards -ChemicalHamster

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    Pictures too small, imgur pictures here


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      That link is also sending me to your empty profile.


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        This post is a bit older, not sure if you will see it:

        Youre sitting in a slammer (up), which is an armed vehicle. From what i know armed vehicles are allowed to be engaged the second they leave the safezone, since they are a threat to jets and all enemy vehicles.