If you've been banned by one of our team, your ban will start with WS followed by a number and then a reason depending on the type of ban.

Permanent bans often lead with WS1234 for example. However these can be appealed, for a second opinion. Once your appeal has been reviewed if our team have told you that you were cheating the ban will not be lifted.
BUT... what if its a false positive? Their is a less than 2% chance of you being banned incorrectly for cheats. We review our system monthly as new information is discovered. If you were part of the small 2%, your ban will automatically be removed.

Teamkills or rule breakers.
If you were banned for rule breaking such as teamkilling you will be shown the ban reason.
WS:1234:Teamkills, WS:1234:Rules. Followed by a ban period in days, hours, minutes.

​Do NOT, open a ban appeal on the WS Forums, individual communities are now responsible for maintaining bans.

To submit a request please go to the relevant communities to appeal (their name will show on the end of the server you are trying to join):


Russian Appeals, join Teamspeak 3: ts.arma.su:9999

We now also support ban appeals on our discord please read the pinned item in the "ban-appeals" channel. The link for discord is at the top of the forums.

We with-hold the right to remove players from our servers as and when deemed necessary.